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outputsAndDebug.f90 File Reference

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module  debugage

Contains tools for printing informations in the log and in outpit files


logical, parameter debugage::LOG_PRINT = .true.
logical, parameter debugage::INFO_SCORE = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::HessianDiagnostic = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::GRAPHICS = .true.
integer, parameter debugage::NumberKeptOutput = 25
logical, parameter debugage::debugFUNCPA = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::debugFUNCPA2 = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::debugMARC = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::debugVRAISTOT = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::debugSOLUTION = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::debugDLSODE = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::debugSCORE = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::debugSCOREHESSIANfichier = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::debugSEARPAS = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::debugTRANSFO = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::stepbystep = .false.
logical, parameter debugage::debugFUNSUB = .false.