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program nimrod
 Main program NIMROD.

Function Documentation

program nimrod ( )

Main program NIMROD.

AUTHOR : Melanie Prague Daniel Commenges Julia Drylewicz Jeremy guedj Rodolphe Thiebaut

DESCRIPTION: Depending on what the user asked for in the Input file, optimisation + Parametric Empirical Bayes (PEB) or PEB only is performed. This main function handle data reading and initialisation call and the necessity of restarting the optimisation when the optimisation got stuck. This allows to restart the accuracies requested. MPI initialization and finalization is performed here at the beginning and at the end of the program run.


01/09/2012 - Prague - Refactoring

Definition at line 119 of file nimrod.f90.

References WorkingSharedValues::binit, CreateRelanceFile(), EBCurves(), EmpiricalBayesEstimation(), WorkingSharedValues::estimationWanted, InputReading(), mpimod::MPIattente(), mpimod::MPIfinalisation(), mpimod::MPIinitialisation(), WorkingSharedValues::nomfileOut, WorkingSharedValues::nomparams, mpimod::numproc, ODEschedule(), optim(), OutputFileCreation(), WorkingSharedValues::OutputFolder, readData(), TraceR(), WorkingSharedValues::withexclusion, WorkingSharedValues::WorkingSharedValuesInit(), and writeFile_bayes().

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