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mpimod.mpi.f90 File Reference

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module  mpimod

This module contains subroutines and variables to switch between sequentiel and parallel computing.


subroutine mpimod::MPIinitialisation
 This subroutine initiate MPI use.
subroutine mpimod::MPIfinalisation
 This subroutine finalize MPI use.
subroutine mpimod::repartirSurCoeurs (debut, fin, nbpatient)
 This subroutine allocate each core some patients.
subroutine mpimod::synchroFUNCPA
 This subroutine synchronize computed values in "funcpa".
subroutine mpimod::synchroCALCULSCORES (uscore)
 This subroutine synchronize computed values in "CALCULSCORES".
subroutine mpimod::MPIattente
 This subroutine synchronize make the cores wait for each other.
subroutine mpimod::MPIErrorCatch (error)
 This subroutine catch errors in MPI synchronization and thus stop the program.


integer mpimod::numproc = 0
integer mpimod::nbprocs = 0
integer mpimod::mpierr
integer, parameter mpimod::MPIutilisation = 1